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Husain’s diary entry: 4.9.12
How far can we go resenting? Who can define the boundaries for reasonable show of protests?

A while ago, I had a chat with a few friends over a cup of hot coffee whose mesmerizing vapors made one of us look back at one of his experiences with a strict teacher we all knew.

He said ,she, although a wonderful human being went a little too chatty about her students who apparently gave her a little hard time and that annoyed him as she went on gossiping her way to glory.On other days he wouldn’t ind it, but that particular Monday was a bit speedy on his clock as the matter he addressed, deserved immediate attention.

I wondered aloud why he didn’t voice his concern with her. To which my herbal tea- lover friend putting down his glass admonished me with dangers of showing ‘busy’ people of how busy we are. He said it is highly impolite and must at all cost be avoided especially if the person is a higher authority and has autocratic and undemocratic tendencies. I couldn’t understand how fear should dictate how one feels and reacts. They said I never would.

Yes I am a rebel and have no consideration for ‘rules’ that people make. I would like to correct them. I love following rules which are ‘written’ and not otherwise. There must be many blithering idiots like me who wouldn’t like to knuckle under powerful people (PP) and hide their resentment. Folks who wouldn’t betray their emotions for PP to like them.

We have people who defy men who choose to take a stand against Mean and Big yet wouldn’t join them or act like them when opportunity presents itself. Such hero-worship is pointless. And such spinelessness is criminal. I don’t advocate people should go crazy and overtly express themselves through choicest foul words but I believe showing you are uncomfortable when you are, is legitimate. I believe we owe it to ourselves.
But who am I kidding? We have lives to live, places to be and bungalows to erect. Surely such talk can only interfere with all the stuff we have in our minds. We should emulate plastic dolls which forever smile even when torn by evil babies. Pretense, as my wise friend who serves us hot beverages at our favorite coffee joint says, is a necessary accessory these days.

The coffee served here has started to lose its sting maybe I should complain. But the owner might ask me to immediately clear my due account first or leave the premise. Wait, what did we just learn here?

Husain Sodawalla


Scalding desert of my heart
barren as ever, miles across
lies shrouded in the mist of your being..
Mustering courage, braving loss,
and the storm of feelings,
I head for oblivion
away from your presence.
Your shadow in the amber mist
eludes me, tortures me..
I try to reach out, touch your shadow,
but my hand gathers the mist instead
and gets burnt by its fiery vapour..
reminiscent of the burns you gave me..
Tired, wasted, pathetically undone
Scared of any future tryst
yet resolute, headfirst, I walk under the sun
trying to escape the eerie mist..

Dev Dua


Yesterday i was making bubbles
through a blowing pipe
and looked at it with continuous gaze
but in seconds the images wipe.
I wondered they were vanishing
from 10.. to 8.. then 5..
but they conveyed an inspiration,
glowing glimpsing in a hive…

The rainbow colors they have in them
describing their beauty & grace
the glowing bulge, the rounded shape..
but oh..! they have no face..
Their flying struggle to go so high..
some go.. some will.. some may…
although they have a very short life..
in a moment they erase..

Their innocence & the fear of death
like human’s negative feel
their sudden end with a slightest touch…
& presence becomes unreal..
I always think that why they appear if..
they have a living deal,
but that’s the truth of every life i guess!
with no chances of heal..

So why we fear and face goes pale
to think of going away..
make your life colorful like them
and a wonderful place to stay.
Don’t feel low on turning apart
live it in efficacious way.
for that once gone will never come back
there’s no another day..

Aishwarya Vashistha


Would the highs seem the same, if one hasn’t seen a low? 
Would the dove seem as lovely, if one hasn’t seen a crow ? 

Would victory bring exhilaration, if one hasn’t faced a loss ? 
Would promotion ever happen, if you were straight-away the boss? 

Would Batman seem heroic, if the Joker was really a clown? 
Would the smile bring as much relief, if no one has a frown? 

Would sunshine seem beautiful, if it was summer all year-long? 
Would righteousness seem a virtue, if not for people wrong? 

Would we love with our soul, if hatred wasn’t around? 
Would we dream of flying high, if we weren’t earth-bound? 

Would joy be the same, if there’d be no pain? 
A rainbow can’t form without sunshine and rain.

Opposites drive each other, to the edge of a knife.
And create God’ s masterpiece, which we call LIFE.

Shreyansh Jain

The Break up!

11th December 2012

It’s been two weeks since we broke up. But, I can’t get over her. The girls around me are amazing, but I just can’t love anyone else like I loved her. She was the one, who taught me love. In spite of whatever happened between the two of us, I can’t forget her. The times we spent together still gets a smile on my face. Although, the last two months have been really tough, for the both of us, I still think I cannot live without her. But then, if we broke up, there was a reason, or maybe reasons. Well, in our case, there were many. We just couldn’t survive. So, probably, if it has happened now, it however had to happen at some point of time. If we weren’t meant to be, we would have this break up, now or maybe somewhere in the near future. So, it would be more difficult to get over each other than. We are still friends. Because, just because our relationship didn’t work out doesn’t means that we cannot be friends. Maybe, we make better friends than lovers. But, I should get away from her. I should stop the constant texting, Facebook stalking, chatting, talking on the phone this often, everything. I should converse with her on a platonic level with her without any ulterior motive. Yes, ulterior motive here includes the irresistible urge to get back together. I am not with her, because the relationship turned out to be different from what we wanted. So, life surely has other plans for us. But don’t forget, if this relationship didn’t work out doesn’t means that it wasn’t necessary. It was an inevitable part of your journey to make you what you’re meant to be. I shouldn’t lose hope in love, just because this relationship didn’t work out well. There might be something better awaiting for me, which is meant for me.
All of us go through this phase in life at some point or the other. No matter, how much you love your partner, break up is an irresistible part of a relationship cycle these days. The post break up phase is the worst, one can ever go through. We get tempted to text our ex, no matter if our ex hardly bothers to reply. One often thinks of the good times and tries to get back, although our ex hardly cares. Every couple around us reminds us of how good we once used to be, which is nothing but impossible now. Every couple, mushing up, makes us jealous and envious. We miss our ex even more. Mood swings are often a part of this phase. We feel vulnerable. We feel unwanted. We feel useless. The feeling that no one loves us, and no one cares is common to everyone after the break up. But, don’t lose hope. If it happened, it happened for a reason. You just have to wait for that reason. Move on. Life moves on too. I know, saying this is easier, than doing it. But, we should try creative and innovative stuffs. Watch movies, Hang out with our friends, who would make us feel loved. Who would get back the energy and enthusiasm in us. Who would make us want to live. And, while you’re with all this, you might get someone who’s made for you. You never know. She might be around. You just need to keep your eyes wide open. Most of all, you don’t need to doubt it. You don’t need to think if it would work out or not. You just need to go ahead. Make the move. Make it count.

Rounak Nayak

Lifeless Soul

Beautiful carcass built-in those hazy eyes,
Withering pain dripping from the corner…
Wooden plank dislocating itself from the core,

Originating from the shaft and then sliding towards the gravity…
Meaninglessness has been its greatest virtue,
Lost is the feeling in the air…
Accepted fate, ruptured belief,

Disfigured dreams, scary sight…
Solitude beckons freedom,
Words hidden behind the closet…
Immersion is the latest fad,
Wish I knew the regulated formulation…
Calling out for peace of mind,
Whispering in this already silenced lips…
Wait has begun for the unknown,
Or may be, it’s for the end…

Rashmi  Yadav

Heartsore Galore – In tears and broken faith, my last…

(sing to the tune of Only Time – Sweet November by Enya)

You don’t know, what my heart says
You don’t know, where my heart lies

You don’t know, what you are mine
Without you, nothing’s fine

My words and my entire life
I don’t want to be cursed to grief ‘n strife

For your love, my heart tries
To get your love, my heart cries

I recall  in my hopelessness
A pledge of an eon of togetherness

Cursed I am with a paradox
Myself contradicts and mocks

Still haunts me the dead past
My patience has broken, I won’t last

Your ebullience drove me crazy
This despair makes me drowsy

Every night I recuperate in vain
Only to discover that the next day also dawns in pain

Each day I am slain and every battle I lose
I can’t handle my blues

Volatile, fragile drowned in thoughts
And to myself I have lost

Trying to live with the vestigial care
I now live with the cold stare

Before it could cruise the realms of my dreams
My ship’a love sank to the bottom of the streams

With you is fame
But not be your hero is so lame

We have got lured by pain
Gave each other so much disdain

I miss the dalliances
And the insane love in traces

  Make me your cynosure
We can never have closure

Every bit of my heart revolts in mutiny
I am ready for your scrutiny

I pray for your love
And say we are meant to be

I pray for your love
And say we are meant to be

I pray for your love
And say we are meant to be

I pray for your love
And say we are meant to be

I pray for your love
And say we are meant to be

I pray for your love
And say we are meant to be

I pray for your love
And say we are meant to be

I pray for your love
And say we are meant to be

I pray for your love
And say we are meant to be



Only you can bring a smile on my crest fallen face


This may be my only way to reach out. . .
I apologize to you my dear darling

My heart pours out to you
Whosoever it reaches . . . pray.

Ynxda Shazam

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