A man with teeth all blue
With sugar in both his pockets
And hair all green
Wanted to chase Mt. Dream

He walked and walked
With his pet pony he talked
Confiding in him his fears and misgivings
For he knew his equine friend had a large heart

He wondered one day why his friend is distant
Since mood swings are innate only to humans
He felt those signs are just tantrums
That maybe all this travelling is making him sick
“Oh that’s why he’s just acting up as prick”

Then one dawn the hollowness in his mind shook him up
All sweating and thirsty he hurried up
To find his buddy
But to his heart-break,
It was not to be

 Suddenly the chase of his life-time seemed trivial
For the joy of journey together drowned
He knew this had created a vacuum
Which would suck not only the sweet success of
Conquest of Mt. Dream but also the spirit of his being ‘him’.

 He knew he had to complete his run
Only then
The Sun of Time shall burn in everyone’s mind the Green-head Sugar-Pockets’ folly
So slowly and with a broken determination he went on to search his unhappy glory

 He intended to become an epitome of Success
But instead he become man who was given a Lemon
Sermons, discussions and vile chat he featured
Different perspectives shaped around him
Some as a Relentless wayfarer
And others not so pleasant

 Today he wears a nice suit
Smiles quite often adjusting his glasses
His hair is well dyed
But his pockets are empty..

Husain Sodawalla