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“Clad in a tank top or a cool t-shirt teamed with rugged pants having knee-cuts , unkempt hair, sporting a tattoo, pierced nose and ears, a sling bag and an iPad or a blackberry in hand”- if this is how you carry yourself then, according to today’s Indian youth brigade, you are a FASHIONABLE guy or girl. You are “the talk of the town”, a heartthrob, the most sought after. Welcome to the neo-age where fashion in India is equivalent to western attire and scanty clothing, luxury brands and goods and flaunting of these. Children, teenagers and even the elderly have been bitten by the “Pose & Expose” bug. Indeed, it’s a pity that we Indians fail to sense the myriad hues of fashion originating from our very own land; that which is thoroughly Indian.
A newly married Indian woman dressed in an exquisite sari, her hands laden with henna, dangling red bangles encrusted with sparkling stones, vermilion in the hair; is undoubtedly far more fashionable than the one who has submitted herself completely to the western culture. The Indian saris have the essence of femininity captured in them. Can there be anything more fashionable and trendy than the Kanchipurams (dipped in gold), Bandhanis, Churidars, Patialas, Lehengas, etc.? The grace and beauty expressed by our Indian attire cannot be found anywhere else.
Thus, as we enter into our 65th year of Independence there should be pride and elation in the heart for our very own resources, our very own culture – the Indian way of doing things. The Indian style of clothing is definitely one of the most fashionable of all and nothing can match the aura of our saris and salwar-kameez. I would never ape the west trying to match a mini-skirt with a skimpy top as I would never want to be included in the ever increasing group of wannabe celebrities instead I would prefer to flaunt a chic sari embellished with heavy embroidery appreciating the work gone into their making by the ever-so-neglected group of craftsmen and artisans. Having expressed my views regarding this Western-Indian conflict, I would also like to add that choosing your attire, your style is an entirely personal decision which should always rest with the individual. However, I would be really vindicated in my school of thoughts once the rampant westernization with respect to clothes goes for an overkill and reaches a saturation point from where the decline of unreasonable fashion sense starts, leading to a re-birth of the latent Indianness in our sartorial sense. That would be the day when India will start being known to the outside world in terms of its sartorial sense, its unique costumes that are nowhere to be found.

Samiksha Raj

Do You Think You Can Tell, Heaven From Hell?

He’s standing still catching the fleeting glimpses of the quagmired people. He walks slowly, his back towards them and so it starts…

He’s here, among us, the smoke charring his lungs, rising like a slow serpent, coiling around his neck, gripping his head, rising above slowly, almost soothingly, swaying him with itself.

He twitches his neck in rapid movement, to me it looks like a soft, smooth conscious sway. He looks at us and laughs, fickle at first, almost childishly then in continuous drumming thuds.

They say loosing yourself this way is dangerous, reckless. For us, it’s the only way we find ourselves.

He closes his eyes, the music seeps in his veins, running through his blood, filling up his lungs, his heart and his unchained mind. Floyd.

He is no longer imprisoned in the shackles of his own mind, he’s enslaved to this momentary delusional freedom.

Another drag inhaled, he floats in the dense air, ecstatic, envisioning life the way you don’t see it, the way you can never see it.

The room trips with the holy music, but we are atheists. The lights fade out, then zoom in, colors drench the dark silhouettes, patterns shake the redundant stationary objects.

Everything is alive and so he smiles,we snigger.

You might call us foolish, irresponsible, immature. But life, is just a mind-game, all that you touch, all that you feel, all that you say, all that’s become and all that will be.

In here, we are free, from you, your prejudices, your principles of restricted living, your ideas, your false hopes, your sins.

In here, we have our own Heaven.

Pramati Anand

I was never one for the news. News makes me bored. It is not interesting, entertaining – not that it is supposed to be, it’s based on facts. Facts need not be interesting or entertaining. But knowing that never sparked any interest in me. In fact, I hardly read the newspapers or watch the news channel. Star World is my hero, not CNN. But that does not mean I’m completely ignorant. Because some things, you can never ignore. Like the protestors in Delhi protesting against the rape of a 23-year old Delhi girl, Nirbhaya (symbolically named by the Times of India). When all you hear, all you read wherever you go, is about it, you tend to have some knowledge. For the past seven days, my TV has alternated from NDTV to Times Now to any-other-news-channel with repeated reports on the rape case and the protests. Media has been known to make things sensational and magnified. Not wrong. Not negative too. People everywhere deserve to know th e intensity of the events happening in their country. We all sit glued to the TV, waiting for hourly reports from the reporter on the scene. We give our comments, debate our opinions with family members, friends, on social networking sites even. That’s a time you feel proud of your country citizens. United we stand. Democracy.

But here’s a catch.

Watch me a week after this. And you’ll see the old me again, the ignorant me. And it’s not just me. It’s the whole nation. The media, too. Because, after a few days, the story will have lost its steam. More interesting news crops up. Some famous actress spews bad words in public. Some politician does something charitable. Something like that. And the old news just dies a natural, often undeserved, death.

There is an opinion that the media magnifies these incidents. That it makes a big circus out of everything. I say, maybe. What is wrong in that? Such matters need to be magnified. Only then, will it get the attention of respective answering parties. Had the media not made its sole duty 24/7 to report all the events of the Delhi gang-rape case, the situation would not even have heightened to the peak it did and we would have just forgotten this as another rape case. Or had the media not made it a point to emphasize on careless comments made by our politicians, we would not have had any knowledge of the extremely narrow-minded thinking of our so-called leaders.

The people may be capricious-minded, but the media has the capacity to capture their attention span towards the current issues. My point: The media is the driving force for the rare random outbursts of awakening that makes us people demand answers to questions. The media, thus, has a lot of power. 

However, is this power being used everywhere needed? While the case of the Delhi gang-rape was given paramount importance, the Patiala rape case, where a minor was raped and driven to suicide, and which incriminated certain police officials, made it to the news only for a day. The next day it was forgotten, despite the fact that there were lapses by the investigating police. Is it because, the Delhi gang-rape accused are not the ‘important’ position holders that the latter is? A rapist is a rapist, no matter whom he rapes, who he is (an average man or an authoritarian) or how much he rapes (I bring this point forward to express the absurdity of the phrase, rarest of the rare rape).

The sad thing is, even when one of the massive and strongest protests was underway in the nation, such crimes continued to happen. Why? This is because the rapists are confident that this turmoil will last only for a few days. They have little fear in them. This lack of fear is brought about by their confidence in the failure of the judicial system in enforcing stringent laws. The Government lets the public down so very often, that we are used to it. It keeps quiet, by giving non-committal assurances (which have little chances of being fulfilled) and waits for the next big news to take over. Unfortunately, that does happen. Every single time.

And what do we do? Curse them, shout out suggestions at the TV screen and debate on what should be done. Take, for instance, again, the rape cases piling everywhere. Most of them are not even registered as cases, so we are unaware of half the crimes that have been committed. I hear that the rape victims usually do not complain to the police, for fear of being ostracized by the society. They are forced to compromise and move on, if they want a live a normal life, not ridden with never-ending court trips and public humiliation and torment of retelling, thus reliving their nightmares. A normal life that does not have people pointing at them. How true. And while, now, most of us vehemently believe that the society should not condemn, aren’t we part of that society? It was the extent of brutality of the crime committed against Nirbhaya that generated the public ire and sympathetic grief; which induced the spirit ‘enough is enough now’. If not, it probably would have been a forgotten rape case among one of the dozens that seem to happen everywhere every day. Those dozens of cases are coming out in the open now in an unexpected twist of events.

What is the reason behind this hypocrisy, and this fickleness? I think it is because people can rarely connect emotionally to crime news. Quite natural. Because it is something happening somewhere, which we see on TV. We are all content to be wrapped inside our respective false senses of security. Now, if we were the residents of the city in question, then fear of such misdeeds happening again brings out the protestors in people. Of course, there are people all over the country who can empathize. I’m not telling they are heartless. But all that is short-lived. While most support the protestors, will they allow their loved ones, go out there and take part? Let alone take part; if something similar happens to someone they know, will they allow that person to come out and express outrage against the injustice done to him/her? Mostly, no. It is, apparently, the mature way to behave. Be hypocritical. If we do not bring the step forward, how will this country develop? If a rape happens, the mother is afraid of the daughter’s reputation, the daughter is afraid of the police, the police are afraid of raising the crime statistics (which is rather selfish) and the judiciary is afraid of radical outcries.

The problem here is also the laid-back attitude of the public. If someone does something worthwhile, let them do it. That is the reason there is no constancy reflecting in the mindsets. The moment any incident loses its steam on the TV, the matter is just dismissed. There is hardly any emotional connectivity.

And this is not just implied for rape cases. When Team Anna Hazare made the massive movement to fight against corruption in the nation, everyone was vocally supportive. And now? What’s happening? Does anyone know? No. Or the Jessica Lal murder case. Though the culprits are punished now, the trial exposed the Achilles’ heel of our justice system. There was, again, the public demand for a change in the system, the way cases are dealt. Do we see any improvement? No. It’s lost, like many of the fights for noble causes, either under the pressing weight of the Government, or basically, the gradual disinterest among the people and the media.

So the fault lies not only on the system, but partly on us, and the media too. The public is fickle. The minds of the public is fickle. And media is made of people too aren’t they? Some stories, of course, need not be dragged along. But do some, like the ones for the cries of justice, when brought up to such a high peak, deserve to be let fallen from grace so easily, merely because they ceased being fresh and interesting? I’m not telling flash them in the news every other day. I’m telling keep them alive in your mind. Some things, we need to remember. Some things, we need to care about. About the commitments made to us, about the services that we deserve, about the attention some elements or individuals deserve. Because tomorrow, we can be victims too. Of any sort of crime. And it won’t do us any good letting the unorthodox thinking evident in some sections of the society come in our way. We must remember that we can still fight. We need to remember t hat there exist people who stand up against forces and demand justice. And not give up till our demands and promises made by the Government are put in action. The system has made us cynics, and we need to wake up.

Praveena Rao

This is how I DEFINE LOVE…….

I’ve been writing heck lot articles on love and emotion never thought of one question which dropped in my inbox this morning by a definition lover…

Define Love…

Seems difficult?? For me too… but still will LOVE to give it a shot…
I’ve been in love lately, since past 3 years. Lovely feeling till it’s all alive. Knowingly I’ve never tried but unknowingly might have defined love in various ways…
Starting with dictionary, ‘an intense feeling of deep affection’
And when It’ll come to my dictionary I’ll keep it this way ‘UNKNOWN DEDICATED FOCUS WITH NO DEMAND’
Now let me explain you these six words. Six words together for sure make some sense but doesn’t define my feeling completely rather they help me define my love individually…

UNKNOWN:  Have you ever wondered on poems and love article writing styles since human history?? Since language was evolved??? Love is often acquainted with endless limits of stars, deepness of ocean and beauty of horizon. All unknown limits for human… same feeling evolve in me when I hear this word love. Feeling of being UNKNOWN to limits power deepness and beauty of this word LOVE.

DEDICATED: obviously talking about real romantic love when I get so deeply dedicated to another being that I hold him before me in every walk of life no matter what! My passion of being there always for him. Not only making him feel but realize, I AM ONLY YOURS…

FOCUS: most interesting word for this definition. Associated with wanting, motivation and craving. Obviously obsession become worse when we are rejected. But Will love to start with a beautiful touching line I read somewhere but its marked so deeply in my jelly nerve combination..

I could not roll and keep the mattress in my house away since last night I watched you unrolling it

If that made your heart thump you bet me you are into this! This is what my romantic love is. Unbeatable focus on a single person. Focus that you can recognize his stuffs in millions. His bike in parking, his bag in library, his voice in party, sometimes if you are as crazy as I am then his footsteps too! Don’t know from where and how does brain gathers these ability but they certainly make us feel heavenly…

And last but certainly not the least,

WITH NO DEMAND: the reason for your love to last and end. Unfortunately I was on the end side, but now that I have understood its meaning it makes me feel complete. I love him with no real demands of him loving me back. With no real demands of him talking to me at least once. For sure complains are there to screw things and nobility of love up but that is what make us human. And coming over all complains and loving make us LOVERS…
For sure above is not the definition but the complete chapter as a whole but never mind, I at least tried to summaries up the word LOVE on which there are millions and trillions of literatures written and are still being written all over the world…

Monica Patel
Vishwakarma Institute of Technology

The Break up!

11th December 2012

It’s been two weeks since we broke up. But, I can’t get over her. The girls around me are amazing, but I just can’t love anyone else like I loved her. She was the one, who taught me love. In spite of whatever happened between the two of us, I can’t forget her. The times we spent together still gets a smile on my face. Although, the last two months have been really tough, for the both of us, I still think I cannot live without her. But then, if we broke up, there was a reason, or maybe reasons. Well, in our case, there were many. We just couldn’t survive. So, probably, if it has happened now, it however had to happen at some point of time. If we weren’t meant to be, we would have this break up, now or maybe somewhere in the near future. So, it would be more difficult to get over each other than. We are still friends. Because, just because our relationship didn’t work out doesn’t means that we cannot be friends. Maybe, we make better friends than lovers. But, I should get away from her. I should stop the constant texting, Facebook stalking, chatting, talking on the phone this often, everything. I should converse with her on a platonic level with her without any ulterior motive. Yes, ulterior motive here includes the irresistible urge to get back together. I am not with her, because the relationship turned out to be different from what we wanted. So, life surely has other plans for us. But don’t forget, if this relationship didn’t work out doesn’t means that it wasn’t necessary. It was an inevitable part of your journey to make you what you’re meant to be. I shouldn’t lose hope in love, just because this relationship didn’t work out well. There might be something better awaiting for me, which is meant for me.
All of us go through this phase in life at some point or the other. No matter, how much you love your partner, break up is an irresistible part of a relationship cycle these days. The post break up phase is the worst, one can ever go through. We get tempted to text our ex, no matter if our ex hardly bothers to reply. One often thinks of the good times and tries to get back, although our ex hardly cares. Every couple around us reminds us of how good we once used to be, which is nothing but impossible now. Every couple, mushing up, makes us jealous and envious. We miss our ex even more. Mood swings are often a part of this phase. We feel vulnerable. We feel unwanted. We feel useless. The feeling that no one loves us, and no one cares is common to everyone after the break up. But, don’t lose hope. If it happened, it happened for a reason. You just have to wait for that reason. Move on. Life moves on too. I know, saying this is easier, than doing it. But, we should try creative and innovative stuffs. Watch movies, Hang out with our friends, who would make us feel loved. Who would get back the energy and enthusiasm in us. Who would make us want to live. And, while you’re with all this, you might get someone who’s made for you. You never know. She might be around. You just need to keep your eyes wide open. Most of all, you don’t need to doubt it. You don’t need to think if it would work out or not. You just need to go ahead. Make the move. Make it count.

Rounak Nayak


'Campus Writing'

Girl – Yo sup man? 
Guy- Not much dude you? 
Girl- Doing great but those stupid girly people are giving me crap again 
Guy- That sucks man!!!

Long time ago, in the last decade, I knew of a young girl who would rather be playing football in the rain than be out shopping and boy hunting, hanged out with boys, didn’t care about what other people think of her, nor did she judge others for the way they were, very sporty, and did not follow the latest fashion trends, did not make fun of what most people would call ” nerds ” or ” geeks “, and in fact befriended them most of the time.

She was a girl who would pick digging up worms and climbed tree in her backyard rather than going shopping at a mall. She used to hang out and get along with boys rather than…

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'Campus Writing'

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