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Republic Day – A Celebratory Week!

With 5 days left for the Republic Day to dawn… Voice out your concern for your college, your workplace, your locality, your community and your country at large for a brighter and wiser tomorrow.

Let’s celebrate this glorious week of patriotism together…

Express, Reach Out, Share YOUR story!

With the stoke of mid-day, we bring to you yet another surprise, another tool to help you ‘Give Voice To Your Thoughts‘… CampusWriting today is happy to announce the launch the release and start of 9 centers across the country to help connect better to your thoughts and to provide you a better way to open up to your thoughts & emotions…

These openings are result of constant support from your side and would be headed by a group of 9 youth figures whose profiles are also online. The continuous growth of visitors on the portal and more visitors concentrating from these cities have helped us to choose these 9 cities across India for the start. We look forth to bringing the cause to every single youth in India and we hope to make a little yet remarkable and memorable difference to people’s lives…

Browse through the individual websites below and share your stories with over 13lac regular visitors @CampusWriting

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“We don’t judge a post by the number of hits, shares or starts… We judge it with the number of souls it could heal and the number of hearts it could touch…”


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Girl – Yo sup man? 
Guy- Not much dude you? 
Girl- Doing great but those stupid girly people are giving me crap again 
Guy- That sucks man!!!

Long time ago, in the last decade, I knew of a young girl who would rather be playing football in the rain than be out shopping and boy hunting, hanged out with boys, didn’t care about what other people think of her, nor did she judge others for the way they were, very sporty, and did not follow the latest fashion trends, did not make fun of what most people would call ” nerds ” or ” geeks “, and in fact befriended them most of the time.

She was a girl who would pick digging up worms and climbed tree in her backyard rather than going shopping at a mall. She used to hang out and get along with boys rather than…

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Essence of Love splashing after Rains

Makes my Delirous Heart Utterly Surrender,

To the Music of Flutes, Sweet Strains

Divine Strums of a Blooming Chilly September  !


I come inside and pulled a Chair

Ruminatively sitting infront of Embers,

Sojurn in Old enliven Memories

Resplendent Moon peeping through Flowers  !


There is a Longing as deep as Dormant Ocean

For the portion of Sauntering life born away.,

Leaving Traces of New Birth, New Gestation

Like the Rainbow glimpsed and Gone away  !


Long Chit-Chats while stalking in Corridores

Voilen strings playing subtle Melodies delicately,

Mystic sanguine spurt in excursion along Shores,

Palpitating Heart Beats singing songs Elegantly  !


There is an Yearning as delirious as Reverie

For Primrose like fragrance with Heady Nascence,

An earnest stirring to get wet in Pouring Love

A dying desire to smell Her Scented presence  !


Errupting with Incorrigible Romance…

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