The lights of the signal that Day On The First Monsoon Of The Season,took him to the roads of his past.

Rajan had bunked school for the very first time and Appaa had caught him.His Father’s Red face,showed anger on him .Rajan’s fumbling explanations slowed down with his increasing voice,But then from back the green dupatta of his mother which protected him and she firmly said” Yennah nigal um,chumah koch re(why are you scolding him unnecessarily),ni podah,naan ireke naan(you go, am there na)”

Father replied irritatingly “You have spoiled him,Your Son is not in our hands anymore”

A typical Indian  brahman family was Rajan’s family.A strict father pushing his son towards studying and a over-protective mother, always pampering his son.

*Honk Honk Honk*

The signal was green and people behind Rajan’s rickshaw broke his journey of thoughts,He pulled the handle,and again started measuring the roads.

But Some how unlike the other days,he was not lost in his work today,

 and then Once again past knocked the door of his soul.He started thinking again how draught had effected his village and how it ate up his family and made me him an orphan forever.

Rajan was brought to Lalgang by his uncle and was given the job of an auto driver by him,now all he wanted was to own his taxi before he turns thirty,that means he had only three years left now!!!!!!!!!

Evening was pleasent that day,the first shower had taken away the heat,leaving peace all over.

Sitting at chachi’s chai shop that day Munna(his room mate),shouted and said “Bhau ye dekh,kiti sundar hai,full item boss”pointing towards an add in the newspaper,that photo showed an innocent girl with a pretty smile and books in her hand ,wearing a salwar kameez,guess she was advertising some coaching institution.

After that two talks and sip of hot tea,Rajan headed for his work again

While passing from shantaram college he heard a shrilled voice calling,”Bhaiyaaaaaaaaaaa”.

He stopped ,waited for his passenger to arrive and For A moment he went blank,numb..

His Mind shouted”ooo teriiii wahiiiii”

Suddenly She tapped his back and said-” Shastry Nagar lena”

Peeping through his rear view mirror,he was perplexed that ,”Is the girl sitting in his Rickshaw was the advertisement female,however she seemed to be little dark”

But her face with that little innocence in her eyes matched,that cuteness matched indeed .

“Lekin Munna Toh Bola Tha ki add mei sab Mumbai ki Modler hoti hai”

Whatever..All that Rajan knew that the girl sitting behind her was a celebrity but a distict one.

“.The celebrity who had a butterfly inked in her hand”

Her destination came and Rajan rushed to munna to tell what has just happened.

Meanwhile in this waving off evening ,when the sun was going ,leaving darkness behind,Yashwant enclave’s house no.2,Shastry nagar , opened.

Mahika entered her home.

A place where she was herself,A new world which she had made for herself.

She was sixteen,when one of her relatives had offered her an advertisment and just for sake she had done it.Luckily that ad became a hit and then Ad after Ads came her way,her parents denied but then she choose her way and decided to leave her home.She was offered ramp shows,short-films and what not.Mahika was a star and money was showered on her , easy EMIs helped her fulfill every big dream of hers and there was no looking back.

Now She Had it All..Mahika had It all!!!


“Everything That Rises,falls one Day”

Her time was gone,she fell and fell with her was her stardom.All she was left with was heavy debts to pay and she couldn’t find a way out.The burden of paying installments increased day by day and then Mahika gathered all the courage she had and  decided to loose herself,surrender herself to this cruel world.Without caring that whether it was right or wrong,she stepped in the cluster of weeds.

 Mahika was Now Miss Rosy.

The girl who every night gave relief and satisfaction to many rich men out there.She was the Girl whose soul was slaughtered everyday.

Somehow after two years she managed to pay her debts and understood that it was high time that she should move to make her new world.

Sitting in her room that midnight, she stood up packed her bags and walked to create HER NEW WORLD,leaving behind everything,leaving behind Miss Rosy.

“Lalgang” was her new place,the place where she wanted to stay happily.

 Days passed, Rajan and Mahika clashed everyday,she became his regular passenger and he used to say everytime “Madamji ye to mere roz ka rasta hai,islie aap mujhe roz mil jate ho”.And for Mahika he was his regular autowala,who used to pick and drop her from college.

With passing of time they had random talks ,about the city,renowed places of the town and by now Rajan knew she was the new girl in the city.

One Night Mahika got a call at night and after twenty seconds she disconnected the phone by saying wrong number.


Next Morning at 11 a.m Rajan as usual came to pick her up but half an hour passed but” Rajan ki Madamji” did not turn up.Curiously he went up and knocked flat number C-2,Mahika opened the door and said”I am not coming today , I will call when you have to come now”

Two Days went and there was no news of Mahika ,and Rajan was becoming restless with every passing minute now.

*Dil Ko Tumse pyar Hua,pehle Baar hua*-His Phone Rang and displayed MADAMJI.

He Asked Inquisitively “Are You Alright”

She said”Can you Take Me to Some Nice place, place where peace sells”

Rajan said “Do min,mei Aaya”

He was there and took her.She was curious to know where he was taking her and calmely he said” Bas Pohoch gaye”

Auto stopped,she came out and the board  read”The place for kids whose parents is the almighty-Jesus’s Kids”

Rajan had bought some sweets for the kids there,seeing him they came running and asked “What have you brought for us today?”

He said similing-” ‘Heroine’and she has brought things for you today”.

Mahika was shocked by the word “Heroine” yet happy and distributed things to those kids.While Returning ,She asked Rajan “What was that HEROINE thing,He winked and showed her the newspaper cutting and with her eyes down she smiled sheepishly.

They Reached their destination and with a stern look she said.”Clear your bills and payments with me and do not come from tommorow”

Rajan became a blank bullet and asked “Everything is alright na then Why are you doing this”.

She holded herself,wanted to keep quiet but she couldn’t control her grief and said”Everything can never be alright,How much I try,things can never be okay for a Prostitute..Yes Rajan I Am a PROSTITUTE”

Rajan became cold

“I thought I have come a long way and can be happy now but your past does not stop following you.The trustee of my college Mr.Mishra is one of those to whom I had sold myself one night and now he wants me back,I have to go Rajan,May be this is my Destiny”

Rajan said-“Please Madamji,Be strong we will lodge a complaint,we will fight,do not worry”

She said in a defeated voice-“No I think it is of no use, I guess this is my fate”

This made Rajan Angry.and he said” I feel you want to live like this,I think you like this”.saying this he went and saw faded face of Mahika in his rear view mirror..

Going little ahead, he realised What he has just said,he returned.

But there was tall,cunning man standing with Mahika in front of her door,he was none other than Mr.Mishra.

After few minutes he(Mr.Mishra) went inside her house,Rajan waited for the door to open,but sadly it did not.

Rajan went back “broken”.

Same night his door was tapped fiercly which broke his sleep,he immediately opend it, outside were the police constables,who took him with them

The inspector slapped him and  shockingly he asked”Maine kya kia hai sahab”.

 The man with big moustache shouted and said”Do Not Try To Be Oversmart,after dashing Mr.Mishra,Do you think you will escape easily?”

Suddenly then came a strong voice from behind “I want him To be punished,Punished Badly,I want this false case to be potrayed so strongly,that this guy gets a lesson of his time”,Mr.Mishra said firmly.

Mahika came running with the bail and shouted “Stop,Stop All This Right now,For my Mistakes,Why are You punishing him,I love him which is not his fault anyday”

She turned towards Rajan weeping and said-“Yes,I Love You”

“Ohhh The Juliet, Sweetheart you know how it can be stopped,just surrender yourself and he is free”Mishra said laughing.

Rajan regretted what he thought of her””His Love” and said-“Don’t Worry I will be fine but you are not listening to this jerk”

Mishra Said-“Think Again..If You don’t listen ,Your Romeo would be jailed as well as posters osf Miss.Rosy would be there on college walls and then I will see how you don’t  handover yourself.”

Mahika stood Up ,wiped her tears,looked in his eyes and said

” I am Not Giving Up,Go and Do Whatever you want to do,But This Time ,I Am Fighting For My Happiness,My Life”

A Tear rolled down her cheek but it didn’t effect the fire in her eyes this time.

Rajan held her hand and they left.


Priyankaa Lata Iyer