I took the window seat, ready for the journey. And soon, the train started. It was a short visit from Mumbai Central to Vapi. With my college friends, I was going there for an industry visit. With our confirmed reservations, we hoped to travel comfortably in the sleeper class.

The next station, Dadar, and people rushed in as if they had forgot that it was not any Local of Mumbai but the sleeper class of an express train.

On the seat of three, six of us were trying to adjust. One of my friends confirmed them that we had our reservations. Surprisingly, they already knew that. And I came to know that day about the special service of the Indian Railway of allowing the DAILY PASSENGERS to travel in sleeper class with a pass of second class. When the T.T.E. arrived, we got confirmed about this facility. But remember, you need to be a DAILY PASSENGER to enjoy this service.

Then, started the topic of corruption. One of the people sitting with us, just going through the newspaper, started the discussion. A short conversation over it, and it ended soon.

Our three hour journey somehow ended, just feeling to have travelled in second class after paying for sleeper class.
The whole day, during my visit, when I had to observe the working principles of machines, I was forced to think about their topic of discussion, CORRUPTION.

And the question left unanswered, who is RESPONSIBLE..???

Abhishek Kumar

N.I.F.T. Mumbai