Rahul’s Diary Entry

This is an excerpt from Rahul Paul’s diary who is a 25 year old business tycoon. He is bored of life. He does not like changes in his daily routine. He was an attention seeker. But, one fateful day, a beautiful girl changed his perspective about life. Instead of seeking her attention, he learnt to pay attention to what she said, what she did.

Two days ago, I had come to Mumbai. My dad shifted his base of business from Delhi to Mumbai. Unquestionably, my mom, my elder brother and I also had to shift to Mumbai. I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of shifting to Mumbai- not after living in Delhi all my life. I had everything I wanted in Delhi- best of friends, teachers and most importantly my guitar classes. I have been going to guitar classes for the last 10 years. I had been giving band performances with my friends in Delhi. But all that was lost now. I was really sad.
I stay at this place called ‘Kharghar.’ It is a place in the midst of greenery. In the monsoons, the greenery looks healthier than ever. I am lucky enough to move into Kharghar during the monsoons.
I am just another 25 year old. I help my dad and my elder brother with the business. We had to work hard to build clientele in Mumbai, since the place was new.
I had gone to CST to meet a client. Before coming to Mumbai, I was told a lot about ‘the Marine Drive’- about its beauty in the morning. From the second I heard about it, I wanted to see it. Since I had a meeting with a client there, I decided that I would go a little early and visit Marine Drive. I took my camera, laptop and of course my guitar with me.
I was at Marine Drive by seven in the morning. I had missed the sunrise but the sight was worth seeing. The meeting was to begin at eight. The sky was clear then. The sun had risen. The orange, red and yellow rays of the sun were seen to be blending in with the unending waters. I was so engrossed in the scenery that I forgot to click photos.
I had a good one hour to myself. I hadn’t had enough of the beautiful beach, so after finishing off with my meeting I left my guitar and laptop at the client’s office and went back to Marine Drive. This time, I witnessed a different scenery altogether. This was also stunning. It was raining heavily. This time I clicked a lot of photos. My camera was water proof.
I took photos of the unrelenting waters, of the golden sand and of the different people around me. As I was doing so, in the traffic of so many cars, cabs and buses honking at each other, one silver colored Audi Q5 caught my eye. The face in its backseat caught my eye rather. I saw the face of eternal beauty through the zoom feature of my camera. I saw the beautiful face with a pair of curious brown eyes and curly hair of the darkest shade of black. She was enjoying herself. Her hair was wet.
The Audi passed by in a fraction of a second. I did not even click photos of her. I didn’t have to. Her face was embossed into my mind. I had fallen head over heels for this girl.
Now, I know why I was sent to Mumbai. Knowing that I will not meet her again, I went to my client’s office to pick my laptop and guitar up. Later, I proceeded towards the CST station to go back home to Kharghar. All this while, I was thinking about her.
As I entered the platform, I saw her sitting on a bench all alone in her beautiful blue jeans skirt and blouse and a matching blue scarf. As she moved her head, her earrings swayed. She was probably sad or bored. As I walked into the platform, invariably, towards her, she looked at me with those beautiful questioning eyes and a slight smile on her face. She made me realize that I could die for her- her smile. I spotted a shop selling foodstuffs and got into it to clear my mind off her.
After five minutes of trying to control myself, I went to sit next to her. As I sat next to her, she was laughing about some inside joke. Her laugh was the most melodious music that I have heard. She looked at me and blushed. Then, she apologized for being loud.
She looked cute when she blushed. She talked to me without taking her eyes off my guitar. So, I guessed that she was interested in music. I played ‘My Immortal’ by ‘Evanescence’ followed by ‘What makes you beautiful’ by ‘One Direction.’ By the time I finished the second song, she had the brightest and the most beautiful smile on her face. I was happy that she was happy.
Later, I asked her the reason for her melodious laughter. After a lot of insistence, she told me about the conversation that she had imagined to have taken place between three rats she saw on the railway tracks. I was engrossed in her expressions rather than on what she was said. From what she said, I understood that she wanted to know more about me. What was better than a lunch to know each other? Giving the excuse of feeling hungry, I took her to lunch to the McDonalds outlet that was right across the street.
It was still raining- something between drizzle and heavy rains. We got a little wet by the time we were inside McDonalds. The crowd was thinning down now. She looked beautiful as she ran her hands through her hair to dry them. Her eyes showed how irritated she was about getting wet. Wow! She looked beautiful in every way.
I told her to settle down at a table while I got the meal. I asked her what she would have. She was shy. So I said that the bill was on me. At this, she frowned at me. Her face looked as innocent as a new born.
I paid her bill. (And that is something I am proud of.) When I took our meals to the table, she took her purse out to pay for her meal. But I refused in my style! She looked at me for a few seconds and then smiled. I could be funny for her all my life. I would be by her side all my life and never let her go. She had kept her scarf aside.
Sadly, it was time for us to go back to the station. Time runs at the speed of light! We went back to the CST station just to see the train eagerly waiting for us. As we saw the train, we ran to our respective compartments without saying ‘good-byes’ to each other. I purposely did this because I knew that I would find her and meet her again. This wasn’t the end and I knew that. As the train gathered speed, I took out her blue scarf from my laptop bag and felt her presence with me.
After meeting her, I felt like I knew her long before we met. We were strangers to each other this morning but, I knew that she was ‘the one’ for me from the moment I saw her in that car.

Mathangi Aiyyar