I sway like the wind,

aimless and free

I graze your face,

kissing past gently,

you smile,

getting a taste of my ardent adventures

Just for a moment,

you sway with me,

aimless and free

For just , a moment.



You open your eyes,

and the moment dissolves,

your lips droop down

and you take a deep breath,

then shrug your shoulders

and look forward instead,

there are long roads,

and rocks unturned,

a sea of people,

and voices unheard,

bridges to build

and walls to break

Just for a moment,

I, to you, seem fake.



You loose sight of me,

in the realm of reality,

you are grounded to your place,


if you could defy gravity,

I pray you to close your eyes,

for then, in that moment

I’ll float again

into your arms,

fill up your heart

and sway you along

free and aimless,

Just, for that moment.