“Clad in a tank top or a cool t-shirt teamed with rugged pants having knee-cuts , unkempt hair, sporting a tattoo, pierced nose and ears, a sling bag and an iPad or a blackberry in hand”- if this is how you carry yourself then, according to today’s Indian youth brigade, you are a FASHIONABLE guy or girl. You are “the talk of the town”, a heartthrob, the most sought after. Welcome to the neo-age where fashion in India is equivalent to western attire and scanty clothing, luxury brands and goods and flaunting of these. Children, teenagers and even the elderly have been bitten by the “Pose & Expose” bug. Indeed, it’s a pity that we Indians fail to sense the myriad hues of fashion originating from our very own land; that which is thoroughly Indian.
A newly married Indian woman dressed in an exquisite sari, her hands laden with henna, dangling red bangles encrusted with sparkling stones, vermilion in the hair; is undoubtedly far more fashionable than the one who has submitted herself completely to the western culture. The Indian saris have the essence of femininity captured in them. Can there be anything more fashionable and trendy than the Kanchipurams (dipped in gold), Bandhanis, Churidars, Patialas, Lehengas, etc.? The grace and beauty expressed by our Indian attire cannot be found anywhere else.
Thus, as we enter into our 65th year of Independence there should be pride and elation in the heart for our very own resources, our very own culture – the Indian way of doing things. The Indian style of clothing is definitely one of the most fashionable of all and nothing can match the aura of our saris and salwar-kameez. I would never ape the west trying to match a mini-skirt with a skimpy top as I would never want to be included in the ever increasing group of wannabe celebrities instead I would prefer to flaunt a chic sari embellished with heavy embroidery appreciating the work gone into their making by the ever-so-neglected group of craftsmen and artisans. Having expressed my views regarding this Western-Indian conflict, I would also like to add that choosing your attire, your style is an entirely personal decision which should always rest with the individual. However, I would be really vindicated in my school of thoughts once the rampant westernization with respect to clothes goes for an overkill and reaches a saturation point from where the decline of unreasonable fashion sense starts, leading to a re-birth of the latent Indianness in our sartorial sense. That would be the day when India will start being known to the outside world in terms of its sartorial sense, its unique costumes that are nowhere to be found.

Samiksha Raj