Yesterday i was making bubbles
through a blowing pipe
and looked at it with continuous gaze
but in seconds the images wipe.
I wondered they were vanishing
from 10.. to 8.. then 5..
but they conveyed an inspiration,
glowing glimpsing in a hive…

The rainbow colors they have in them
describing their beauty & grace
the glowing bulge, the rounded shape..
but oh..! they have no face..
Their flying struggle to go so high..
some go.. some will.. some may…
although they have a very short life..
in a moment they erase..

Their innocence & the fear of death
like human’s negative feel
their sudden end with a slightest touch…
& presence becomes unreal..
I always think that why they appear if..
they have a living deal,
but that’s the truth of every life i guess!
with no chances of heal..

So why we fear and face goes pale
to think of going away..
make your life colorful like them
and a wonderful place to stay.
Don’t feel low on turning apart
live it in efficacious way.
for that once gone will never come back
there’s no another day..

Aishwarya Vashistha