(this one coming in the day time. . . )

When the Sun goes underneath the horizon
The cats run home,
The Lighthouses switch on,
And the darkness covers the dome
There comes the night!

A farmer returns from the farm
Doing all the hard work;
Wish to sleep in someone’s arm,
Hurries with the meal, leaving behind the fork;

Has to combat mosquito and Hessian fly,
The moon acts as dim light,
There he lies under the sky,
Couldn’t see a single flight;
And once again, comes the Night!

It’s half past nine
The house is empty;
Oh! He is a friend of mine,
Exists the office gate, looks quite hefty.

Foreheads bear the line of tension,
Takes the dinner in restaurant;
Manages to buy the reddish-brown solution,
To fade away the glimpses of morning taunt;
And this is how the Night comes on!

The dew is cold upon the ground,
The boy has ambition up to the brim,
He is a whirring sail going round,
Has to paddle fast through the rim;

“Tomorrow is exam” gets the remark,
Discards the shows and dinner from schedule,
Quickly started making the arc,
This night only he has to rule.
And finally comes the Night!

“My Prince! My Prince” is the sound
There’s a baby in the town,
In the cradle, with toy’s around,
Has slept all day, it’s time to make the mother frown;

The moon requests him to sleep,
Big-black eyes look up with innocence,
Stubborn enough and continued to creep,
That night, even the star enjoyed the tiny’s presence!

But still,
Whosoever it is
The farmer, my friend, the boy or the baby;
Irrespective of the need, situation and relation
THE NIGHT came, without any fail
As a true companion;

Irrespective of the behaviour
THE NIGHT showed the endeavour,
We use it,
We waste it,
We shorten it, we make it large.

But still,
It makes
No complaint
No demand….

Samir Santosh