This is the very first time, I’m writing from my heart
The words that come out will be true,
Whatever I do, is only for you.
I pray that you see that I care for you,
How much ever I write is never going to be enough,
To say what I’m feeling is really tough.
I fail to absorb what’s happening,
Why the bright spirit, suddenly turned into dust?
I count on the stars and I pray to god,
To help me through this time!
I do not understand why I am seeking out others,
When what I need is in plain sight.
I do not know why I’m unable to tell you,
I don’t think I even want to,
I do not understand why I hurt you,
Or hurt myself too this way too.
I’m sorry for whatever I have done,
Trust me I wish I could turn it back,
I wish we could be like what we were,
Laughing and smiling and free together
Without the stress and need to fear,
Without the need to prove ourselves
To be who we are not!
I wish we could laugh like we could,
But now I fear that, that too has gone for good,
All is left is memories,
Happy ones of me and you. 
So I hope that by saying this out loud,
I will get over you,
I will see that the world hasn’t ended,
Despite the fact that you don’t seem to have a clue.
I will keep myself controlled,
And will never ever tell it,
These words that mean so much to me,
The words, ‘I love you’.

Aps Balan