It a funny world we live in. Different things appeal to us in different ways, many times, in a funny way. One of the strongest points that got my attention is sports. You see, sports has its own way of making people attract to itself. They make you want to have more interest, they make you put aside all the work and just sit in front of a television set. This converts you into a person who likes to follow a particular sport, normally the term used for this is ‘a fan‘. I, too, am one of those so-called ‘fans’. In particular, a football fan.

Football is a sport that has reached all over the world and has definitely sparked a great deal of interest in many people. It’s a sport which joins people all over the globe regardless of what their race. Being a kid of the 90’s, I for one have definitely experienced the change in being in a city having just a cricket fraternity to someone who is now used to looking at football fans as well. At first, Football was just about the World Cup and how the old Ronaldos and the Beckhams became legends and how the players were used as a regular synonym for it. I have grown to love this sport and is the case with many people who have a soft spot for different sports.

Pranav Trivedi