(It’s the poem on the evening I met you and we had a silent conversation in our minds…without opening our mouths…!!!)

Days are going by,
But your memories still stand-by,
The harder I try to fight with your memories.
I just end with too many sorries,
Sorry for once you were mine,
But because of you, now I just consider myself for wine.
Feelings are flowing up and down,
But no one is there for them to crown,
The mind is just saying MOVE-ON,
But my mind is struggling with my heart that how can I MOVE-ON.
Emotions are playing a game of Hide-N-Seek,
But it can neither Hide its Sadness nor can it Seek for Happiness.
The Sun is setting by,
The darkness is falling by,
But my Feelings and Emotions for YOU still stand by.

Kinjal Chandaria