Would the highs seem the same, if one hasn’t seen a low? 
Would the dove seem as lovely, if one hasn’t seen a crow ? 

Would victory bring exhilaration, if one hasn’t faced a loss ? 
Would promotion ever happen, if you were straight-away the boss? 

Would Batman seem heroic, if the Joker was really a clown? 
Would the smile bring as much relief, if no one has a frown? 

Would sunshine seem beautiful, if it was summer all year-long? 
Would righteousness seem a virtue, if not for people wrong? 

Would we love with our soul, if hatred wasn’t around? 
Would we dream of flying high, if we weren’t earth-bound? 

Would joy be the same, if there’d be no pain? 
A rainbow can’t form without sunshine and rain.

Opposites drive each other, to the edge of a knife.
And create God’ s masterpiece, which we call LIFE.

Shreyansh Jain