11th December 2012

It’s been two weeks since we broke up. But, I can’t get over her. The girls around me are amazing, but I just can’t love anyone else like I loved her. She was the one, who taught me love. In spite of whatever happened between the two of us, I can’t forget her. The times we spent together still gets a smile on my face. Although, the last two months have been really tough, for the both of us, I still think I cannot live without her. But then, if we broke up, there was a reason, or maybe reasons. Well, in our case, there were many. We just couldn’t survive. So, probably, if it has happened now, it however had to happen at some point of time. If we weren’t meant to be, we would have this break up, now or maybe somewhere in the near future. So, it would be more difficult to get over each other than. We are still friends. Because, just because our relationship didn’t work out doesn’t means that we cannot be friends. Maybe, we make better friends than lovers. But, I should get away from her. I should stop the constant texting, Facebook stalking, chatting, talking on the phone this often, everything. I should converse with her on a platonic level with her without any ulterior motive. Yes, ulterior motive here includes the irresistible urge to get back together. I am not with her, because the relationship turned out to be different from what we wanted. So, life surely has other plans for us. But don’t forget, if this relationship didn’t work out doesn’t means that it wasn’t necessary. It was an inevitable part of your journey to make you what you’re meant to be. I shouldn’t lose hope in love, just because this relationship didn’t work out well. There might be something better awaiting for me, which is meant for me.
All of us go through this phase in life at some point or the other. No matter, how much you love your partner, break up is an irresistible part of a relationship cycle these days. The post break up phase is the worst, one can ever go through. We get tempted to text our ex, no matter if our ex hardly bothers to reply. One often thinks of the good times and tries to get back, although our ex hardly cares. Every couple around us reminds us of how good we once used to be, which is nothing but impossible now. Every couple, mushing up, makes us jealous and envious. We miss our ex even more. Mood swings are often a part of this phase. We feel vulnerable. We feel unwanted. We feel useless. The feeling that no one loves us, and no one cares is common to everyone after the break up. But, don’t lose hope. If it happened, it happened for a reason. You just have to wait for that reason. Move on. Life moves on too. I know, saying this is easier, than doing it. But, we should try creative and innovative stuffs. Watch movies, Hang out with our friends, who would make us feel loved. Who would get back the energy and enthusiasm in us. Who would make us want to live. And, while you’re with all this, you might get someone who’s made for you. You never know. She might be around. You just need to keep your eyes wide open. Most of all, you don’t need to doubt it. You don’t need to think if it would work out or not. You just need to go ahead. Make the move. Make it count.

Rounak Nayak