Found the girl I, really want,

can’t take my, eyes off her

Her body like a, delicate doll,

I wanna, hold her closer

Baby I see u like it, what I do,

u know I am like a temple, a Temple Of Love

She was like an angel,

but a devil in bed,

intense, extreme in anything she did

Emotions running high,

a connection we made,

curious, she craved for more,

mystery surrounded like the Temple Of Love

Attitude in every, word she says,

aggressive anger of rage, she displayed

If u think u knew her, she would challenge that,

surprise u with an, erotic smile…in the Temple Of Love

She completes me, in every way,

karmic relation we share,

makes her my,soul mate

A spice of life, gets her, intoxicated

Baby I am your drug, a drug to your pain….. in the Temple Of Love

                 Sangraam Karande

Bharti Vidyapeeth College of Engineering