Like a little kid I draw line between good and bad
Watched it together with my heart
Encircled all my fault and placed them at the back of my yard
Like a little kid
Wished morning sun for waking me up from my past,
Counted up to ten to start my chance
Licked ice-cream and made my first drawing art
Like a kid wrote many letters to Santa and waited for him on cold Christmas night
On birthday before blowing candles made my wish to god
Fought on small things and
Found my first scar from my tricycle fall
Like a little kid
Tried to count stars with my fingers on them while lying on ground
This time I will not close my eyes because
Whole new world is out there with roadmap on my palm
It’s just a matter of time to start journey
Life is too short so take it slow
And enjoy little things while you travel the path…

Anurag Selal
Amity University