'Campus Writing'

Essence of Love splashing after Rains

Makes my Delirous Heart Utterly Surrender,

To the Music of Flutes, Sweet Strains

Divine Strums of a Blooming Chilly September  !


I come inside and pulled a Chair

Ruminatively sitting infront of Embers,

Sojurn in Old enliven Memories

Resplendent Moon peeping through Flowers  !


There is a Longing as deep as Dormant Ocean

For the portion of Sauntering life born away.,

Leaving Traces of New Birth, New Gestation

Like the Rainbow glimpsed and Gone away  !


Long Chit-Chats while stalking in Corridores

Voilen strings playing subtle Melodies delicately,

Mystic sanguine spurt in excursion along Shores,

Palpitating Heart Beats singing songs Elegantly  !


There is an Yearning as delirious as Reverie

For Primrose like fragrance with Heady Nascence,

An earnest stirring to get wet in Pouring Love

A dying desire to smell Her Scented presence  !


Errupting with Incorrigible Romance…

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